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There are many new grads headed into the real world this time of year.
It seems like a long time ago since my own graduation. I was recently asked for my advice to new graduates entering the workplace.
So, here are my 20 Workplace Tips for New Grads, from a Time & Life Management perspective, of course.
1. Get to Work on Time – Unlike school, you can’t get away with sleeping in and not showing up. It will catch up to you quickly. Being present is the first step to success and the early bird is often rewarded.
2. Do Your Homework – Just because you are out of school doesn’t mean homework ends. There will be times that you have to work outside working hours. Find your balance, but do your work when it is required.
3. Watch Your Reputation– You reputation in the working world will precede you, and it will follow you wherever you go. In the online hyper-connected world, this is more true than ever. Always, defend your reputation.
4. You Have to Do the Work – Sorry, but there are no shortcuts. There is no 4-hour work week. There is no get rich quick. You have to put in the time. And yes, you have to do the work. If someone tells you otherwise, run the other direction, they are trying to sell you something.
5. Bring Your Skills – Just because you are new to the workplace, do not be intimidated. You are bringing skills and knowledge that the workplace is hungry for. Contribute what you can and learn from others that have preceded you.
6. Work Hard – Always give your best effort. You never know what task is critical to your future success or may open a door of opportunity. If you find yourself in a job where you can’t give your all, it’s time to move on.
7. Build Relationships – Whether you a social butterfly or a shy individual, make sure you build strong relationships. You do this by genuinely caring and supporting others. Hard work counts, but relationships make the world go round.
8. Be An Adventurer – Always be willing to try new things. You can sit at home or the office any day. Don’t pass up an opportunity to try a new adventure.
9. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail – You will fail many times. Especially early in your career. That is good. If you don’t fail once in a while, you aren’t trying.
10. Ask for Help When You Need It – Just like in school, you may need to ask for extra help. Don’t let the workplace intimidate you from doing so.
11. Find the Subjects You Are Good At – You probably majored in something you were good at. Find a job that matches your passions and skills. By the way, this is also the work you will enjoy. That one choice will bring you much joy or frustration.
12. Make Decisions – Living life is about making choices. Some are easy and some are hard. But, make sure you make your own decisions or life will make them for you.
13. Have Goals & Write Them Down – There has an undercurrent lately, of advice stating that you shouldn’t have goals. These are the same people who don’t want to fail. Regularly write down your goals. Share them with those that you love.
14. Blaze Your Own Path – You don’t have to follow in anyone else’s footsteps. “That’s the way it has always been done” is a dangerous road-sign to follow on the road of life.
15. Always Be Learning – You may have just finished school, but don’t think you are done learning. This has never been more important. In just a few short years, there will be entirely new technologies and information that didn’t exist when you were in school.
16. No One Ever Was Successful Sitting on the Couch – You have to take the first step in your own journey. That new job isn’t going to magically appear. That book isn’t going to write itself. And so on… so, put the remote down and leave the couch.
17. Enjoy the Journey - Too many people think life is a destination. “When I get there… I will be successful.” Life is a trip. Enjoy the journey. There is an end point, but the point is not to get there.
享受过程——很多人认为生活就是目的。“当我到那里时,我就成功了。” 生命是一场旅行,要学会享受旅程。旅行总会有终点,但那并不是我们的目的。
18. Spend Your Time Wisely - As you get into the workplace you will find that you have less “free time” than when you were in school. When you have a family, you will have even more demands on your time.Remember that you have as much time in the day as everyone else, spend it wisely.
19. Don’t Settle– Life is too short to settle in your job or in your relationships. You don’t have to work there. You don’t have to stay in a relationship.
20. Believe in Yourself – You have to be you biggest fan. In the workplace, no one is going care about your future more than you. Promote yourself where appropriate, and always believe in yourself even more than others do.
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